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Need-to-know for Foreign Teachers at SCETC

1. 外教需遵守中华人民共和国的法律法规及学院有关规章制度 。

The foreign teachers are supposed to obey the laws and rules of People's Republic of China and the rules of SCETC.


The foreign teachers must not be involved in illegal activities, must not interfere with the internal affairs of People’ Republic of China.


The foreign teachers shall be respected in religious faith, but not allowed to preach religion within the People’s Republic of China, hand out the religious presswork including the Holy Bible, or preach religion to the undergraduates.


 The foreign teachers shall be well aware that the following deeds are forbidden to take place: alcoholism, gambling and drug taking and practice of heresy.


Foreign teachers can not organize any extracurricular activity without the consent of Dean of Foreign Languages Department and Director of Foreign Affairs Office. They shall not engage in any business activities or be in love with students.

6. 在工作时间内,外教不得擅自外出,如有特殊邀请,应征得学院外事办主任同意后方可参加校外活动。

In working hours, foreign teachers are not allowed to leave without permission. They shall ask for the permission of Director of Foreign Affairs Office if invited to participate activities outside.

7. 外教因故不能上课,应按学院规定履行请假销假手续。外教请事假须经所属系主任、外事办主任同意。(志愿教师还需美中友好志愿者项目办公室请假)

If unable to work, foreign teachers shall go through the procedure of taking a leave in light of the rules and report back from leave. Foreign teachers shall ask for the permission of Dean of Foreign Languages Department and Director of Foreign Affairs Office to take a private affair leave. (Volunteer teachers shall ask the permission of U.S.-China Volunteers Program Office).

8. 外教不得赴中国政府未向外国人开放的区域观光旅游。出行前须向外事办人员登记出行的目的地、起止日、出行方式、联系方式等相关信息,并与之保持电话联系,确保无事故发生。

Foreign teachers shall not travel to the areas which are not open to foreigners. Before leaving the college, foreign teachers should register the information to Foreign Affairs Office, such as destination, departing/returning date, means of transportation and contact number. The cell phone should always be on for contact in case of emergency.

9. 外教必须遵守我院公寓管理的有关规定,会客时间不得超过2200,不准留宿(禁止学生到访)。外教的直系亲属从外地探亲需留宿的,须提前填写住宿申请单一式两份,由外事办和保卫部门审查批准,并持有效证件报公安局备案。

Foreign teachers must abide by the relevant provisions on the management of our apartments. Visiting time shall not be more than 22:00, and students are not allowed to visit foreign teachers’ apartments. The foreign teachers, when necessary to accommodate the family members from abroad, shall be supposed to make an application to the Foreign Affairs Office and keep the Bureau of Public Security informed of it.


Teachers shall keep the apartment clean.They shall not damage the apartment facilities. If any damage, they are supposed to make full compensation.

11. 外教要遵守我院有关安全的各项规定,如遇水、电、暖等方面的问题,应向外事办反映,由外事办协调学院相关部门及时维修,外教不可擅自处理。

The foreign teachers should observe the safety regulations of college. Problems such as water, electricity should be timely noticed to supervisor or Foreign Affairs Office before any handling. It is the duty of Foreign Affairs Office to coordinate with relevant departments to solve the problem(s).


Foreign teachers shall not purchase or drive any motor vehicle and do not use other people's motorcycle and electric bicycle.


Foreign teachers should not participate in high-risk activities, such as rock climbing, skiing, horseback riding, canoeing, etc.


Foreign teachers shall notify foreign affairs office in the first place if they change their contact information.

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